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Our passion for sustainable agriculture drives our business. It’s our ‘why’. – Bryan Fischer

There are many definitions of sustainability, but to us at Fischer it simply means providing more while using less and taking care to leave the environment better than we found it. We are constantly evaluating farming methods and technology to ensure best practices in land management. By utilizing responsible land stewardship, we can help to ensure a safe, healthy environment in which future generations can thrive. Sustainability has always been a part of our farming operation, but modern technology has allowed us to incorporate new techniques to enhance our stewardship plan.  

  • VRT – Variable Rate Technology – Dry Fertilizer
    • All of our farms are divided into small 1-2 acres management zones to ensure proper placement and quantity of nutrients.
      • Reduces fertilizer usage and nutrient runoff and leeching
  • VRT – Variable Rate Technology – Nitrogen
    • VRT enables us to split applications of nitrogen.
    • Management zones reduce over/under application.
    • We do leaf tissue sampling for accurate application of nitrogen.
      • Reduces nitrogen usage and runoff
  • VRI – Variable Rate Irrigation
    • VRI enables us to use zone managed irrigation.
    • Water is applied based on prescriptions written to account for weather, crop needs and water holding capacity of soil.
      • Reduces water usage
  • VRP – Variable Rate Planting
    • Custom prescriptions are written based on soil type metrics.
    • Planters change population rates on the fly to most efficiently utilize seed.
      • Reduces seed usage and over planting
  • RTK – Real Time Kinetics – Auto Steer
    • GPS-enabled planting and harvesting equipment with controlled traffic.
      • Reduces compaction zones and fuel usage
  • Drainage/Updating Current Drainage Systems
    • Our drainage systems include pattern tiling, grassed waterways and filter strips.
    • Erosion management plans with surface water controls.
      • Reduces erosion of top soil and nutrient runoff
      • Optimizes soil environment for better microbial activity to improve soil ecology
  • Cover Crops
    • We have been experimenting with cover crops and are excited about the results. We will continue to phase in more acres of our farms each year.
    • Cover crops conserve topsoil and build organic matter.
      • Reduces nutrient leeching and runoff
  • Section Control
    • Our sprayer is GPS-enabled with section control for all herbicide applications.
      • Reduces chemical usage

We value our families, growers, customers and the ground, which we are entrusted to tend. Our goal is to continually improve land health while providing the best and safest food products available to the local, national and international markets.