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From the early days of building this business, we have been dedicated to a single premise: doing the right thing is the only way to do anything. We continue that commitment today. As our facilities and offerings have expanded, we have remained farmers first. Our quality and our service will reflect it.


Since our humble 1938 beginning, quality has been our passion and our focus. Founders Charles and Dorothy Fischer set the bar high for quality, service and consistency and we have never taken that lightly. We carry that commitment forward with an entire team of passionate individuals who work hard every day to produce superior products. Our team is family. We take pride in our passion for quality, service, and consistency. We share that with our customers by providing superior products, extensive knowledge and unmatched customer service.

Fischers Seeds
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Fischer Seeds started as a retail seed company that supplied hybrid seed corn, soybeans, and wheat seed to local farmers. We continue to this day to raise, condition and package top quality soybean and wheat seed for the industry. By focusing on the love of crop production, stewardship of the land and customer service our company was able to expand into food grade grain production and processing in the 1980s. Fischer Food Grade supplies the highest quality food grade white and yellow corn, soybeans, wheat, rye and barley to domestic and international end users. We raise and contract a variety of choices for our customers including non-gmo and organic grains. Our three processing plants at our headquarters in Shelbyville have the most up to date cleaning equipment and technology to provide quality products to our valued customers.



We continue to operate the family farm albeit different than it was in 1938. By pairing the latest technology with employees that are passionate for agriculture and the environment, we are committed to a more sustainable world. 


The Fischer family and team of employees realize that our careers are tools that enable us to serve. We hope to make an impact for our customers, our community, our world, and future generations.


We're always looking for talented and dedicated team members. From loading and delivery, to quality control and maintenance, we have open roles.

Part-time or full-time, we're looking for people willing to get their hands dirty.

Sound like you?

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